Truck Dispatch Connect

Save Time and Money

If you're an owner operator or an independent trucker, Truck Dispatch Connect is here to provide you with the best dispatch services for trucks .

We understand the challenges that go along with long hours on the road, time wasted on communication with brokers and shippers, scanning, sending and receiving paperwork and billing...etc

​Well, know that you're not alone with TDC, because while we're looking for top paying loads for you and handle paperwork,  you can focus on driving safely, knowing that you're having a back office behind you available 24/7 to assist you on the road without any extra charges, looking and pre-planning for the best available freight opportunities, making phone calls, and taking care of the paperwork associated with bookings.

And Unlike other companies, you can always call TDC and talk to the same person every time you call.


Best rated loads

For only 7% commission on loads, Truck Dispatch Connect (TDC) will provide you with best services all included.

We arranges professional dispatch services, such as negotiating rates and handling paperwork, plus 24/7 Roadside assistance ,billing assistance to help you collect your money and free credit checks, for owner operators & truckers. 

Bellow more details about our services.

For more info :

Dedicated Personal Dispatcher

Our dispatcher will provide Owner Operators & Truckers with multitudes of services. and unlike other companies you can always call us and talk to the same person every time you call.

FREE 24/7 Roadside Assistance

If your truck has broken down on the side of the road and you need help finding a nearby repair shop or a tow. Give us a call, I'll be there to help and don't worry, because this won't cost any additional fees, no matter the emergency situation you are experiencing or time you're calling in.

Setup Paperwork for you

​FREE Credit Checks

No need to use a truck stop to print, sign, scan, email or fax your documents, because we take care of it for you. So save your time & money and focus on driving and having some rest.

We offer free credit score check  of every broker before we get started setting up with him, to protect you from potential frauds.

FREE Billing Assistance

We prepare documentation to be forwarded to the broker or the Factoring company you're using, in order to HELP you Collect the money you are owed for no extra charges.

Choose your plan



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1 - Set up

Contact us by email: 

or call us at : (703) 268-4082

We'll send you documents needed to get started.

  • Dispatcher - Carrier agreement

  • Power of Attorney

2 - Documents Needed to get started

Documents needed in the future to book loads quickly for you:
1- Carrier Profile form.
2- W-9 Form
3- Insurance certificate
4-MC certificate

3 - You give us your orders


You may provide us with your location and destination preferences, and we will find the best loads for you.